5 months old, and the best laid plans…

Our little boy is five months old today.

5 months old


I think that face says it all. “All”, of course, being “Yes, I’m totally cute. Mommy, why do you have that thing in my face? Can I eat it?” Makes me not want to go to work in the morning…

This weekend, we went with Brian’s family to do family portraits. They haven’t had a portrait done together since 2006 (which, incidentally, was the year that the siblings went in on a picture of themselves for their parents as well), and a lot of things have changed since then. Everyone is older, of course; all three siblings are married or committed; and then there’s Arthur!

In order to make portraits more successful than our 3-month visit, we planned ahead. We got to the mall at 11:45 and bought lunch. Arthur woke up in his stroller at noon, at which point I fixed him a 4-ounce bottle. It was enough to make him happy, and we were far enough ahead of our 1:00 pm appointment that he would have plenty of time to eat and digest so we could avoid spit-up. Plus, we figured, by the time he’s ready for his next bottle we would be comfortably resting at my in-laws’ house waiting for early Thanksgiving dinner.

You know what they say about the best-laid plans…

We walked into the portrait studio at 12:40, and within the next five minutes the rest of the family had arrived. We checked in – “Oh, we’re running about 25-30 minutes behind so we’ll get to you as soon as we can.” This wasn’t a horrible setback, until 25 minutes stretched into 35 and people who had seemingly just arrived were taken in before us. (In reality, many families decided to stroll through the store after checking in to avoid the inevitable meltdowns of tired and impatient children.) Arthur started rubbing his eyes and giving us his sleepy face, so Brian hitched him up and started walking as well. Within a few minutes Arthur was passed out.

Of course, that was the moment that they came out and said “We’re ready for you!”

Sadly for the story, but quite fortunately for us, Arthur is a champ. We did a few “couple” shots first, and by the time we were ready to include Arthur in the photos he was awake and bright-eyed. He even smiled through most of the pictures, and we ended up with a couple of gems.

All in all, it was a good day – but I dread thinking of how we’ll prepare for his 6-month portraits…



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