Kokkinisto Recipe

I have made this so many times that it’s high time I share it! I first visited Sparkley Pink Lemons when she began following my blog, and while I was there I stumbled on this FANTASTIC recipe. Since then I can’t count the number of times I’ve made it and each time I love it even more.

A few notes:
-I use the tweaked recipe and haven’t regretted it once.
-I also used sirloin, just because lamb is so darn expensive (and Brian doesn’t like it. Poor Brian.)
-I’ve only used the 1 cup of water once, thanks to an overeager burner that cooked down the liquid too fast.
-I often throw in a third tablespoon of tomato paste.
-To soften the potato without cooking it separately, I add it after 25 minutes and then add the other vegetables at 40 minutes. They’re perfect for us.

Please oh please, if you enjoy hearty beef dishes, give this one a whirl. It cooks quickly, and you can save even more time if you prep the ingredients the night before. Send me pics of the finished product, and tell me how much you loved it!

Hello..I have had this recipe posted on my message board for some time now, it is from the book Feed Your Face  Diet that I had discussed about earlier. The author Dr. Wu explains how tomatoes are great for protecting your skin from freckles, sun spots and premature wrinkling because of the powerful antioxidant lycopene. She also suggest eating a tablespoon of tomato paste with each meal when you are on a sunny vacation for extra protection for sun rays ( still need to apply sun screen as well). So I made this recipe for dinner tonight and it is amazing!! What I liked best about it was the broth, it was too acidy as I find some tomato based recipes to be.

The recipe is from actress Marina Sirtis, its a family Greek dish. Hence the term Kokkinisto meaning “reddening” as you must brown meat ( lamb or…

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