Week 29/30: Ultrasound #3 and dropping…

We’re in the home stretch! (Or for me, the home don’t-stretch-too-much…) We’re going to a shower in less than four weeks (26 days, to be precise!) and I can’t begin to imagine how real it will feel once we get there.

Not that it doesn’t feel real now – some days, it feels all too real. I never stopped to think about how much strain other non-midriff parts of my body would take in carrying our little boy, but my legs are staging a pretty constant protest at this point. If you know me in the real world you will understand the tragedy of my biggest issue: I can’t find shoes that are cute AND comfortable. Of course, there’s more: though I’ve always been a tosser-turner in my sleep, I imagine I make quite the spectacle now with my roll-over productions. I can’t stay on one side for too long or my knees start to groan and my calves threaten to cramp, so when I finally have to turn I have to take it one painstaking move at a time so I can also transfer the bump without incident…or falling off the bed. 🙂

As I mentioned in my last post, we were scheduled for an additional ultrasound last week to determine Arthur’s size. He is a fast-growing, healthy boy for sure! As of five days ago he measured at the upper end of the normal growth range for his age, and weighed in at a whopping 3 1/2 pounds. All of his organs and limbs are working perfectly, and I even got to watch him punch me in protest over the ultrasound tech’s invasion of his peace and quiet. Strangely enough, once the doctor came in to take over he decided it wasn’t worth the argument anymore and just lay there, little heart a-chugging. We’re still on schedule for a final ultrasound the week of Memorial Day to see how big he’s grown, but if my earlier predictions are correct then the doctors can just measure Arthur on the outside! (We shall see…)

Arthur continues to collect adorable stuff and things that I can’t wait to display in the nursery. For Easter, my in-laws gave us a basket of goodies: socks, a crib sheet, cute onesies and of course, some elephants! (I may have to appropriate the Horton plush, he’s just too cute!) In the meantime, my mother is teasing me about the “thing” she bought for Arthur that she won’t tell me all about…something about waiting until the shower, when she knows that patience isn’t my strong suit. Perhaps the lesson is part of the gift? How very Zen.

We also received a surprise package over the weekend, baby gifts from a good friend who won’t be able to make the shower. (Your thank-you card is in the mail!) One of the gifts was a memory book for the first five years (okay, so really everything in the first year and then a two-page spread for each of the subsequent four years) – I picked it out not just because of the cute little turtles on the front but also in hopes that, you know, we will be good about chronicling this stage in our lives and his. Like a good little worker bee, I started yesterday! It’s fun but also a little overwhelming to see the little details in print; like planning for the shower, writing this book makes things that much more real.

I can’t believe we’re just about ready to count down the weeks in single digits. Can’t stop now!



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