Week 28, part 2: Baby bump, blood pressure, and holy big baby, Batman!

Well, I finally crossed over to the dark side.

I…took my own baby bump shot. And posted it on my Instagram.

The worst part is, I’ve been having an awful hair year. I need to fix that on Saturday.

So! Week 28 is almost over; according to The Bump we have 78 days until our middle-of-the-road due date. If Arthur is anything like me he’ll decide about three weeks before that is a good time to come (so, Memorial Day week), and if he’s feeling extra generous he’ll decide to come on May 29 – my birthday is August 29 and my mom’s birthday is March 29 (tomorrow!) and I think that would be a nice bit of continuity.

Yesterday was my 28-week visit. It’s nice to have a milestone to look forward to every couple of weeks, though I’m trying not to fall into a sense of complacency because everything’s gone well so far. Over the last four weeks I gained three pounds (yes, I doubled my pregnancy weight gain, y’all!), and my OB told me my blood pressure and all other testing is “perfect”. Her word, not mine, but it’s not polite to disagree, right? The only thing that raises questions is that my bump suggests Arthur is measuring closer to 30 weeks than 28.

Holy big baby, Batman!

I’m not concerned, and neither is my OB; however, this provides the ideal opportunity for another ultrasound (or as I like to think of them, face time with baby) to figure out precisely how he’s measuring and get an idea of how, ahem, interesting our delivery will be. We may go for a fourth ultrasound at the end of May, depending on how long Arthur stays put and, of course, what this next ultrasound indicates.


I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it or not here, but I’m starting to feel a serious urge to nest. I want to go out and buy ALL THE THINGS for the nursery, even though the baby shower isn’t until the beginning of May. The suspense may be killing me (but it’s not affecting my BP!) Over the next couple of weeks I’ll have to balance OB-ordered rest and relaxation (love her!) with settling the other rooms of the house where we actually have things for me to arrange…

We’re almost to the 50-day club!



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