Week 25: Kicking, and other more interesting changes

We’re under 100 days! I still have to shake my head in wonder at how quickly everything is going; I’m pretty sure last weekend we went to the zoo and told our parents about the first positive test. Now, our little boy has his own room, with furniture and clothes and OMG his first piggy bank!


TMNT Raphael piggy bank week 25



Is it or is it not the cutest thing ever? I was trying to stick with the elephant theme, but seriously the only elephant bank I could find was on Things Remembered and they wanted $80 or something ridiculous because it’s silver plated. This bank is much more fun, and accessible, and come on – it’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! You could legitimately call my parenting into question if I didn’t introduce Arthur to the joy of the Turtles. (Someone would, you know it.)

Arthur and I are communicating a lot more as the time passes. He kicks to say hello, to let me know that he likes/doesn’t like my drink choices (I’m trying to train him “one for yes, two for no” with little success), and of course to remind me that he’s there when I’m sitting or lying quietly. A few notable exchanges this week: Wednesday I went down to Columbus for the P!nk – Truth About Love show and it was PHENOMENAL! Arthur clearly agreed, and took the opportunity while I was sitting (great seats, we didn’t have to stand unless we wanted to) to kick along with the beat.

Then last night, Daddy came home after a rough day at work. My mom had suggested he start lying with his head on my belly to see if Arthur makes contact, and sure enough he did! Brian said to him they felt like light flutters and he couldn’t be sure, but I was sure from what was going on on the inside. 🙂 Perhaps it was coincidence, but it seemed like Arthur’s kicks were timed to when Brian was talking to him or to me – I think he may like his daddy’s voice.

This week has also offered an interesting yet far less appropriate shift in my body chemistry…we’ll call it a signal from my body that all systems are go.

As far as pictures go, I’ve been resisting the weekly baby bump photo. Believe it or not, I feel completely drained after moving and growing a person and the last thing I want to do is try and make myself look better for picture day. I may concede for the last 15 or so weeks, but I don’t know that I will need or appreciate a reminder of how I’ve been looking lately. (It would be nice to see a comparison of now v. two months ago, so we’ll see.)

Still no word on the glucose challenge from last week. I’ll take that as a good sign.

Onward and (apparently) outward!



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