23 weeks: daycare, or not

I can’t believe we’re already looking ahead to August, when my maternity leave is over and we have to figure out who will care for Arthur when we’re gone. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, we have it mostly decided. I’ve mentioned before how blessed we are to have such a strong support system in our parents and other family members; in fact, my own Grammy stepped up and has volunteered to watch the kid on Mondays and Fridays, plus the Wednesdays that Brian has to work. With Brian being home 2/3 Wednesdays, that just leaves Tuesdays and Thursdays.

On that note, we set up our first daycare visit for Wednesday afternoon. It was a wonderful visit: the facility is bright and clean and the teachers were engaging and friendly. All of the infants seemed happy and well-adjusted (except the hungry ones, but that’s to be expected), and the older children we passed on the tour were equally happy and well-behaved. We like their philosophy of child development, the steps they take to ensure the safety and security of all of the children, and the detailed daily reporting they have to chronicle each child’s progress.

It would be a dream…except A) they don’t provide part-time care; and B) full-time care is way out of our budget.

So we’re playing around with Plan B, in which we sacrifice a slightly smaller portion of our income in favor of letting Mommy stay home two days a week with Arthur. Nothing has been decided (of course I need to work things out with my office), but when we consider all of our options and the effects on both our budget and our peace of mind it seems that this may be the greatest blessing in disguise yet. We’ll have several more discussions with one another and with the other pertinent parties before we make a final decision, but it’s nice to even be able to consider this as an option.

Onward and forward – next week, the glucose challenge!



One thought on “23 weeks: daycare, or not

  1. Its a tough decision to stay at home or work….honestly 95% of my salary goes to daycare, but being a mommy is the best job in the world and worth every penny. Also look into care.com or sittercity, sometimes a nanny can be cheaper than daycare

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