The best (unexpected) weight loss plan ever!

Yesterday was our 20-week checkup. Everything is stellar, including Arthur’s heartbeat and my blood pressure…and my weight!

*Ahem*…what I mean is, I haven’t gained a pound since getting pregnant. As a matter of fact, I am still relishing a net loss of 1.5-2 pounds since my annual checkup in February 2012. Everybody’s primary response has been “Um…is that bad?” but I assure you, all is well in babyland.

The thing is, and I’ve mentioned it before, I started this pregnancy with a little extra junk in my trunk (and no, I am not talking about the crap in my car – which I also have). I wasn’t all that surprised at my 12-week visit, when the nurse told me I dropped four pounds in four weeks. The emesis annoyum had kicked in full-force and absolutely no food looked appealing. I ate just enough to satisfy my loved ones that I wasn’t going on a hunger strike. Since then, though, each monthly trip to the scale has been a progression of “Okay, I had to gain weight this month…*step on*…nope (or, a teeny bit)!” I’m not complaining and neither is my doctor, who gave me a target calorie count and some best practices to follow rather than a diktat to only gain X pounds. As far as we’re all concerned, Arthur’s growth and progression are normal and I’m not passing out from malnutrition, so if I get to substitute some of my own weight for his in the next few months it can only be a good thing.

Pregnancy really has turned into the best unexpected weight loss plan ever. I can only hope that breastfeeding lives up to its hype…


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