Looking for – and finding – a doctor!

Wow, that was easy.

I’ve been researching pediatricians and other options for care providers for Arthur’s arrival. Frankly, the more I read the more concerned I am about visiting a pediatrician who isn’t at least open to discussing a modified vaccination schedule or other “natural” care options for him, and I’ve had daymares about screaming matches in the exam room. (The horror stories I’ve read are worse in scale, but do nothing to make me feel better.) Several posts I read suggested searching for a family care physician, preferably a DO, who takes newborns.

Well fancy that – see a DO. And I love him. When it comes to medical professionals I have a hard time thinking of anyone I would trust more with our son than the doctor I trust with my own care. Our family has visited the practice for 43 years – my doctor’s dad actually saw me as a newborn – so there’s a lot of good history there.

And, they still take newborns!

That’s a massive weight off of my chest. With all of the other things to consider when preparing for baby to arrive, I’m glad this was as quick and painless as it was!

At 20 weeks and 2 days we also have nursery furniture (in the nursery, no less!), Arthur’s first big noisy toy (thanks Vera!), and our monthly appointment tomorrow afternoon. Onward and forward! The third trimester is creeping up…




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