Imma let you finish, but my pregnancy is far cooler.

It’s time for some baby bump action!!

L: 15 weeks, 4 days (Merry Christmas!)R: 18 weeks, 2 days

L: 15 weeks, 4 days (Merry Christmas!)
R: 18 weeks, 2 days

Holy belly, Batman.

Some of this is clearly still my lovely lady lumps. However, there is no mistaking that most of  the bump is actually baby rather than blubber now. (Guess my awesome t-shirt designs will have to wait…)

I said it a couple of weeks ago, and it’s even more true now – sometimes I am legitimately surprised when I realize how much I’m growing in the front. I think of seeing other friends who have been or are pregnant, and the change is always astounding to me because I don’t see them every day, but of course I live in this skin. The change is gradual enough that it doesn’t register until I see something like the pictures above – two and a half weeks of growth is really something at this point.

In other news…

Baby shower plans are underway! Before Emily Post and Miss Manners gang up to politely break my legs, however, let me stress that I am not throwing my own shower. My mother is not throwing it, my mother-in-law is not throwing it, and neither of my sisters-in-law are throwing it. Katie (my beloved MoH and Kid A’s godmother) and Kim (one of my dearest, wisest, and most all-around beautiful friends) are hosting this shindig, and although I’m privy to plans I am happily taking a guest-backseat to the entire affair.

Well…I did pick a theme. And suggest some decorative ideas in keeping with said theme. But it’s awesome and you can hardly blame me. Because…

We’re having a Star Wars baby shower!

I wish I could take credit for the actual idea, but that credit goes to my friend Stephanie. We were out at lunch and I told her that the shower is planned for May 4, 2013. “May the Fourth be with you,” the otherwise-not-a-Star-Wars-fan responds with a laugh, and that’s when I knew it was meant to be. Fortunately, my friends appreciate this unorthodox turn of events and have wholeheartedly embraced this shift from early thoughts of jungle themes and tea parties, and the grandmas (who did offer their assistance) are adjusting to the idea as well.

There are some great plans in the works for this party, and I am so thrilled to see how it all comes together! With luck and a little help from my friends I’ll have plenty of great pictures to show everything off, and perhaps inspire a future mother-to-be…

So, that’s where we are. Big plan for this week: painting the nursery tonight! (It’s cool, worrywarts, I’ll suit up properly. :D)

10 more days until the ultrasound!


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