Emesis annoyum

We’re still hearing in the news about the Duchess of Cambridge’s hospitalization for and ongoing recovery from hyperemesis gravidarum in the first few weeks of her pregnancy. It’s a great and horrifically obnoxious problem to have (ha, just typed “heave” first, pun totally intended apparently), depending on whether you’re asking me (I hate vomiting) or my OB (lots of hormones! Baby should be growing well!)

Poor Kate.

As for me…I have emesis annoyum. The morning sickness finally started to taper off around week 14.5, only to return with a vengeance on a few select occasions. (Last Thursday, it was so bad that I almost called off work.) It’s been more than a week now since my last episode, and I was just thinking about how lucky I was to be rid of it this morning when the familiar rumbles started. Here we go again…

It’s always when I’m trying to brush my teeth. I know the joke about toothbrushes and gag reflexes, but really?

Here’s hoping that today was the absolute last battle between the heaves and me…and expecting that we still have a way to go before that happy day.



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