The best (unexpected) weight loss plan ever!

Yesterday was our 20-week checkup. Everything is stellar, including Arthur’s heartbeat and my blood pressure…and my weight!

*Ahem*…what I mean is, I haven’t gained a pound since getting pregnant. As a matter of fact, I am still relishing a net loss of 1.5-2 pounds since my annual checkup in February 2012. Everybody’s primary response has been “Um…is that bad?” but I assure you, all is well in babyland.

The thing is, and I’ve mentioned it before, I started this pregnancy with a little extra junk in my trunk (and no, I am not talking about the crap in my car – which I also have). I wasn’t all that surprised at my 12-week visit, when the nurse told me I dropped four pounds in four weeks. The emesis annoyum had kicked in full-force and absolutely no food looked appealing. I ate just enough to satisfy my loved ones that I wasn’t going on a hunger strike. Since then, though, each monthly trip to the scale has been a progression of “Okay, I had to gain weight this month…*step on*…nope (or, a teeny bit)!” I’m not complaining and neither is my doctor, who gave me a target calorie count and some best practices to follow rather than a diktat to only gain X pounds. As far as we’re all concerned, Arthur’s growth and progression are normal and I’m not passing out from malnutrition, so if I get to substitute some of my own weight for his in the next few months it can only be a good thing.

Pregnancy really has turned into the best unexpected weight loss plan ever. I can only hope that breastfeeding lives up to its hype…


Looking for – and finding – a doctor!

Wow, that was easy.

I’ve been researching pediatricians and other options for care providers for Arthur’s arrival. Frankly, the more I read the more concerned I am about visiting a pediatrician who isn’t at least open to discussing a modified vaccination schedule or other “natural” care options for him, and I’ve had daymares about screaming matches in the exam room. (The horror stories I’ve read are worse in scale, but do nothing to make me feel better.) Several posts I read suggested searching for a family care physician, preferably a DO, who takes newborns.

Well fancy that – see a DO. And I love him. When it comes to medical professionals I have a hard time thinking of anyone I would trust more with our son than the doctor I trust with my own care. Our family has visited the practice for 43 years – my doctor’s dad actually saw me as a newborn – so there’s a lot of good history there.

And, they still take newborns!

That’s a massive weight off of my chest. With all of the other things to consider when preparing for baby to arrive, I’m glad this was as quick and painless as it was!

At 20 weeks and 2 days we also have nursery furniture (in the nursery, no less!), Arthur’s first big noisy toy (thanks Vera!), and our monthly appointment tomorrow afternoon. Onward and forward! The third trimester is creeping up…



Halfway there!*

*We’re officially at 19 weeks, 5 days, rather than 20 weeks today. We’ve still gained a net of 3 days from the original gestational age, which would put me at 19 weeks, 2 days.

What a day!!

We had our (hour-long) anatomy scan yesterday afternoon at Ahuja Medical Center. I can’t wait until they open a full maternity ward, by the by, because it’s a beautiful facility and I would LOVE to deliver there one day.

Our baby is just…beautiful. If you ever have the chance to sit in on an ultrasound, I highly recommend it. In the 20th week, baby’s skin is still translucent enough to see all of the body’s systems functioning together. A perfect spinal cord, delicate little ribs and arms and legs… We counted 10 fingers and 10 toes, and even got to see the four chambers of baby’s heart as it pumped blood through the body (which we also got to see – and heart rate was a sturdy 164).

We saw our baby’s brain.

I can’t even put into thoughts, let alone words, how comforting and awe-inspiring it is to see this perfect little person, nestled safely inside of me, moving around to a rhythm inaudible to the rest of us. It put to rest the major fears I’ve only just now been able to voice to anyone, including myself, that I would do something wrong without even realizing it and *poof* – my healthy little baby would leave us.

Perhaps it’s taboo to even write that out, but I believe that the truest writing must encompass the darkest thoughts as well as the happiest – and pregnancy, as light and wonderful an experience as it is, is also a time when the mind works overtime thinking of all the ways this phenomenal journey could come to an abrupt and upsetting end. Yes, I’m just a worrywart, and I know this well enough to not give the dark thoughts too much of my attention. It’s still a huge moment of relief when I can see for myself that everything is just fine.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

You may have noticed that the blog is now blue. We are celebrating our son, Arthur!

19/20 week bump; Arthur's most recent profile; and the surprise!

19/20 week bump; Arthur’s most recent profile; and the surprise!


We had dinner with our parents last night to share the news. The “Hello, my name is…” sticker in the picture above was our vehicle for revelation: I stuck the half-page-size sticker to my camisole (under my outer layer) and, when I went to sit down, oh-so-casually lifted my outer shirt to reveal their grandson! Everyone was thrilled (mostly for happy and healthy, of course) and now planning is underway for our heir to join the family.

I’m giving a “Facebook press conference” to coincide with this post going live, and if you’re visiting from that press conference than the following information will seem redundant. Oh well, it’s awesome.

The final results of our informal poll, taken between Wednesday and Thursday:

  • Boy: 27
  • Girl: 22
  • Other (Intersex/hermaphroditic, non-human [Dalek and Borg, specifically], and transgendered): 5
  • Undecided: 3
  • I don’t care, as long as it has superpowers: 3 (His midichlorians are off the scale, by the way.)
  • Nolan Ross (a very specific subset of the “boy” category): 1

Full points will be awarded to those who voted “Boy” and “Nolan Ross” (come on, how else would I dress my kid?). One half point will be awarded to the two votes for intersex, as well as the vote for transgendered as “born boy” was specified. Those who requested superpowers now have the great responsibility of teaching him to use them wisely.

Funny story of the day: while our ultrasound visits have been to Ahuja, my OB practices at Suburban (5.5 miles away). Despite telling Brian 3 times that this appointment was at Ahuja, I called to tell him I was waiting in the parking lot to which he responds, “How are you there already?” Good thing he wasn’t where he thought he should be, and was still en route, and extra good thing that we padded our travel time to be on the safe side. Fortunately for him, all of our visits should be in the same place from now on, so no more confusion. (And we were still early for the appointment.)

Onward and forward!

Imma let you finish, but my pregnancy is far cooler.

It’s time for some baby bump action!!

L: 15 weeks, 4 days (Merry Christmas!)R: 18 weeks, 2 days

L: 15 weeks, 4 days (Merry Christmas!)
R: 18 weeks, 2 days

Holy belly, Batman.

Some of this is clearly still my lovely lady lumps. However, there is no mistaking that most of  the bump is actually baby rather than blubber now. (Guess my awesome t-shirt designs will have to wait…)

I said it a couple of weeks ago, and it’s even more true now – sometimes I am legitimately surprised when I realize how much I’m growing in the front. I think of seeing other friends who have been or are pregnant, and the change is always astounding to me because I don’t see them every day, but of course I live in this skin. The change is gradual enough that it doesn’t register until I see something like the pictures above – two and a half weeks of growth is really something at this point.

In other news…

Baby shower plans are underway! Before Emily Post and Miss Manners gang up to politely break my legs, however, let me stress that I am not throwing my own shower. My mother is not throwing it, my mother-in-law is not throwing it, and neither of my sisters-in-law are throwing it. Katie (my beloved MoH and Kid A’s godmother) and Kim (one of my dearest, wisest, and most all-around beautiful friends) are hosting this shindig, and although I’m privy to plans I am happily taking a guest-backseat to the entire affair.

Well…I did pick a theme. And suggest some decorative ideas in keeping with said theme. But it’s awesome and you can hardly blame me. Because…

We’re having a Star Wars baby shower!

I wish I could take credit for the actual idea, but that credit goes to my friend Stephanie. We were out at lunch and I told her that the shower is planned for May 4, 2013. “May the Fourth be with you,” the otherwise-not-a-Star-Wars-fan responds with a laugh, and that’s when I knew it was meant to be. Fortunately, my friends appreciate this unorthodox turn of events and have wholeheartedly embraced this shift from early thoughts of jungle themes and tea parties, and the grandmas (who did offer their assistance) are adjusting to the idea as well.

There are some great plans in the works for this party, and I am so thrilled to see how it all comes together! With luck and a little help from my friends I’ll have plenty of great pictures to show everything off, and perhaps inspire a future mother-to-be…

So, that’s where we are. Big plan for this week: painting the nursery tonight! (It’s cool, worrywarts, I’ll suit up properly. :D)

10 more days until the ultrasound!

Emesis annoyum

We’re still hearing in the news about the Duchess of Cambridge’s hospitalization for and ongoing recovery from hyperemesis gravidarum in the first few weeks of her pregnancy. It’s a great and horrifically obnoxious problem to have (ha, just typed “heave” first, pun totally intended apparently), depending on whether you’re asking me (I hate vomiting) or my OB (lots of hormones! Baby should be growing well!)

Poor Kate.

As for me…I have emesis annoyum. The morning sickness finally started to taper off around week 14.5, only to return with a vengeance on a few select occasions. (Last Thursday, it was so bad that I almost called off work.) It’s been more than a week now since my last episode, and I was just thinking about how lucky I was to be rid of it this morning when the familiar rumbles started. Here we go again…

It’s always when I’m trying to brush my teeth. I know the joke about toothbrushes and gag reflexes, but really?

Here’s hoping that today was the absolute last battle between the heaves and me…and expecting that we still have a way to go before that happy day.