Week 5: We’re pregnant!

I took the first test Saturday morning. I don’t know what compelled me – my cycle’s been off since I stopped taking birth control in June (just before our wedding), so being a few days late wasn’t unusual.

I left the test on the counter while I started my shower. Of course, anybody who’s taken a pregnancy test knows that it’s really difficult to complete another task without looking. So, I put in my conditioner and stepped out of the shower to let the test tell me I was “Not Pregnant”.

Guess I won’t be needing that hair dye I bought yesterday…

Well. That was unexpected.

I ran in the bedroom and woke my husband, who was convinced that I had been clawed half to death by our overly friendly cats because of my insistence that “You have to wake up NOW!” Once he had his glasses on, though, I showed him just how much our life was about to change. Despite telling our parents and siblings, and generally being thrilled to pieces, I took a second test Sunday morning just to be sure. Yep, still pregnant.

And now, we’re going to be parents.

Nobody told me how scary this part would be.

I called the doctor to schedule my first appointment, which is three weeks from today. Twenty-one days in which my body is changing in ways I understand but hardly anticipated (hello, hourly bathroom breaks!), in which I am over the moon excited to meet our little apple seed and terrified that something may go wrong, in which everything has been redefined in terms of this beautiful life that’s starting inside me.

I can’t believe we’re finally here.


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